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Community-owned renewable energy

Wind turbine

How feasible is it for communities to own and run wind farms and what are the lessons for Tasmania?

 Jack Gilding, one of the key players in Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, spoke at two community forums this week on how Tasmania can generate a more sustainable future.


Jack Gilding is the former executive officer of Hepburn Wind, a community cooperative with over 1,900 members that has built and operated Australia’s first community-owned wind farm near Daylesford in Victoria.


You can view his presentation here (PDF 720KB).


Alongside Jack, Sassafras poultry farmer and renewable energy consultant Rob Nichols shared the findings from his global Nuffield Scholarship tour.


Last year Rob travelled to a number of countries looking at how they encourage and provide incentives for investment in renewable energy.


Here is Rob Nichols' Nuffield report (PDF 1.87MB).

Published on: 07 Jun 2012 1:56pm