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Contemporary paintings portray modern faith at Makers’ Workshop

An exhibition which explores representations of contemporary faith and spirituality has been  officially opened at the Makers’ Space Gallery at Burnie’s Makers’ Workshop.

Immateriate is a series of nine paintings on canvas by Hobart-based artist and art teacher Alex Wanders, who will open the exhibition. The works juxtapose suburban interiors with familiar exterior worlds to provide the viewer with examinations of everyday spiritual encounters.

Mr Wanders said his paintings drew on the concept that common objects such as windows, doorways, pathways and walls could act as thresholds to transformation or change.

“I wanted to explore the idea that our faiths and beliefs are not necessarily confined to religious buildings or special places, and we can reflect in ordinary spaces,” Mr Wanders said.

University of Tasmania Makers’ Workshop Coordinator Joanna Gair said Immateriate would be accompanied by images from the University’s digital collection of 19th century Quaker artifacts, carefully selected and curated by Mr Wanders.

“We hope that these representations will add to the uniquely Tasmanian nature of the exhibited works. Through working with the University’s collections staff, Alex has identified a number of insightful images which speak to the religious explorations of prominent Tasmanians,” Ms Gair said.

“This exhibition has an unnerving quality which American painter Edward Hopper would have understood. These contemplative works elevate the ordinary to the sacred, and recruit the viewer to the role of observer.”

The exhibition forms part of the 2016 Burnie Shines Program and will continue in the Makers’ Space Gallery until Friday, 25 November.


Published on: 07 Oct 2016 9:16am